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Welcome to Thief in the Night Ministries

Get your house in order!

We, the people of God, Christians are living in very critical times. Deception and confusion can't be taken lightly: movies and tv are working around the clock to keep us from seeing things God's way. So much misunderstanding, and getting it wrong: from who Jesus was and still is, also marriage, divorce; to pre-trib vs post-trib, Revelations, and a lot of endtime prophecies. Now that we are close to the last days the Holy Spirit is releasing the interpretations of the books of endtime prophecy: Daniel, Revelations, and others.

The purpose of this ministry is to challenge your Christianity! Really, is your Christianity pure Jesus Christ and his word, or is it some American/worldly culture compromise that you think is Christianity? Dare to follow this ministry! This ministry will expose popular false doctrine, and talk about topics that most ministries stay away from. In other words this ministry is for people who really want to be right with God because it matters. *it’s time for the church to repent!*